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Research Paper on Juvenile Justice Policy: Moreover, because the majority of probationers may be juveniles, time is of the essence in helping these young offenders turn their lives around and avoid re-offending in the future.

In this regard, one college student emphasized that, "Originally I went to school and interned to become a probation officer for juveniles, and realized that I would not long be happy with a career with so many impossible situations" Buron,p.

Discuss with offenders how such issues as drug and alcohol abuse and anger management problems might have played roles in their criminal behavior. Essential, desirable or an indulgence.

The demand for probation officers is projected to continue to increase through The research also showed, though, that many probation officers have heavy caseloads that make them work hard for their money and the working conditions can be dangerous.

In addition, a majority of employers also require probation officer applicants to pass oral, written, and psychological examinations prior to being accepted for the position Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, This paper provides a review of the relevant literature to determine the responsibilities and typical job tasks of probation officers, the types of work environments they encounter, national salary levels and the outlook for this position in the future.

Research Paper on Parole and Probation. Essay on juvenile probation. Employment Information Juvenile Probation Officer Information and Educational Requirements Our mission is to serve the Juvenile Court, children and their families, victims of juvenile crime, and the community by Chicken research paper Probation Officer Job Word cover letter template download Letter Tips - in collaboration with numerous organizations that research paper on illegal immigrants adequate services to juvenile offenders, including counseling services, community service agencies.

More recently, though, the probation officer profession has become closely aligned with that of law enforcement authorities, but with a stronger emphasis on higher education as part of the process.

Workers in this occupation must meet many court-imposed deadlines, which contributes to heavy workloads and extensive paperwork. Workers in this occupation must meet many court-imposed deadlines, which contributes to heavy workloads and extensive paperwork.

Ce sujet a 0 rponse, 1 participant et a t mis jour par Kevenpiex. Unfortunately, it appears that many if not most probation officers are overloaded with probation cases that prevent their spending as much time as they would like or prefer with each probationer to achieve optimal results.

The credentials required to become a probation officer have not always mirrored those required to become a police officer ; however, in recent years, the probation officer profession has become more professionalized, and the difference between the requirements for police officers and probation officers are becoming less distinct.

In this regard, the U. Probation Services Task Force: Probation officers are on the front line in working with and monitoring released offenders in an effort to prevent them from committing new crimes and being reincarcerated.

Juvenile probation officers tend to spend a lot of time in meetings with children and families and in attendance at court" p. The job of a Juvenile Probation Officer contains many juvenile probation officer research paper of jobs and.

Probation officers work with criminal offenders, some of whom may be dangerous. One of the main duties for a probation officer is to supervise offenders and monitor their progress.

Probation Officer&nbspResearch Paper

Here you will also find the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your research paper well-formatted and your essay highly evaluated. Sorry. This paper will discuss the different classes of probation programs within juvenile post-adjudication intervention.

Probation Officer&nbspResearch Paper

In addition, this paper will include some background information on probation, how successful it has been with particular types of offenders, socio-economic-political issues and my assessment of the programs and overall opinion/5(11). The Role Of The Probation Officer Criminology Essay. Print Reference this.

Published: 23rd March, The typical job of a probation officer is overseeing the offender and making sure the offender is not a danger to the neighborhood and to ensure the rehabilitation of the offender.

Probation and Parole Officers

"Probation officers and correctional treatment. Probation and parole research papers examine their role in the criminal justice system. Probation and parole term papers examine their role in the criminal justice system.

The criminal justice system in the United States is the process whereby individuals are convicted and punished for breaking the law.

View this research paper on Probation Officer. One of the most challenging and potentially rewarding careers in criminal justice is that of a probation officer. A probation officer, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, is an officer appointed to investigate, report on, and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on probation.

Juvenile Probation Officer Research Paper Probation officer research paper
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